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Ultimate Girls Weekend

Ages 15+


14th to 16th

of February 2025

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Phoenix Park, Ballan VICTORIA

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At Bohemian Summer Festival, women can fully immerse themselves in workshops and artistic expression,

allowing for personal growth and community connection.

It is a true celebration of womanhood, where women's voices are heard, wisdom is shared, and mutual empowerment is celebrated.


Founded by two sisters with an intent to create a space for women to ditch their normal routines and get back to self;

we hope you have the most magical time

at Bohemian Summer Festival

and when you leave that it's with a

renewed feeling of purpose and fulfillment.


This village has been created by so many women coming together to offer their time, their life’s work and their valued presence.

We thank you for showing up for yourself and being

a much-valued member in this community

that you have helped to create.

Enjoy the ultimate GIRL'S WEEKEND

this summer! (Facebook Post (Landscape))_edited.jpg

Founded by two sisters Julz & Kerri who have always been passionate about creating spaces where women can feel welcomed and empowered.

Having an extensive background in Festival and events - including the setting of the integral foundations of similar women's gatherings; we knew we wanted to expand on our experience to create a community where women felt supported and connected without fighting for space. 

Put simply, we wanted to create something we would want to attend.

There are many amazing Women's Gatherings in Australia and overseas and each have similarities and points of difference, but we could not find an event that we truly felt we connected with.

We wanted to enjoy workshops, healings and women's circles but also wanted to be able to let our hair down at night with cocktails and live music.

We wanted to create the ultimate girl's weekend - pampering, movie nights, fun Pajama Parades and Cheeky Adult Parties as well as opportunities for self-discovery and artistic expression.

Bohemian Summer Festival is all of the things that we would want at a festival.

It is one big Girl's Weekend!

Julz andKerri as children
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These three days are about you and what sets your soul on fire.

There are no rules or expectations to do everything, you can simply design your time here based on what you are drawn too.


As much as this festival is about experiences, it is also about rest and being truly in the moment surrounded by your sisterhood.

You are a part of a long line of women who have gathered throughout the ages.

Learn or rediscover new and ancient practices.


Take your time and take it all in.

You have found your way here for a reason.



A free spirit, artist, writer, musician,

open minded thinker, authenticate soul,

one who believes in truth, freedom, peace & love

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